Expedition to the Ruins of the Junction

Thus Far

Our group first gained notoriety in the Junction by finding and exposing a plot of Iuz cultists to ensare law abiding citizens in a web a treachery and deceit. Samson had penetrated deep into the soft underbelly of the cultists and with the help of the Notorious MMB, was able to overcome their seductive charms; thus bringing them to justice.

Based on information we recovered from the cultists we found that followers of Vecna were compiling a Black Library somewhere in the Junction. Our investigations turned up that the location was found in the sewers. We immediately investigated and slew everyone associated with the cult of Vecna, and even brought the Hidden Master to Justice- despite being the daughter of a noble family. The combination of these exploits, members of the Lighthouse thought us to be an effective group against current threats in the Junction. Not wanting to concern themselves with temporal affairs while fighting battles that span the stars; Team Katsu was created to handle problems like the HBA.

After we hunted members of the HBA across and below the Junction, our team discovered that the HBA was engaged in a plot to sell citizens of the Junction into slavery in the Underdark. We slew all the members we could find, and relegated any survivors to a lifetime of slavery in the Underhalls. We then took some time to enjoy material comforts, and recouped after a grueling expedition.

It was during our return from vacation that we came across a caravan that had been waylaid before crossing to the Port of Odell. Upon later investigation, we discovered that agents of Iuz were robbing these caravans to fuel their march toward the Junction. It was this reckless activity that caused us to investigate, and we have systematically destroyed the lieutenants of Iuz, and are closing in on the General in command of this operation, the failure, Vayne.



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