Expedition to the Ruins of the Junction

The Halls of Beckoning p.3

We flushed the real Vayne and his quasit familiar from their hiding place, and once MMB dispelled his displacement effect, they were put down relatively easily. What happened next was the most mind blowing; when Iuz punished Vayne and was himself subject to the God-trap located somewhere further down in the depths of the dungeon. Finding Vayne’s logs we discovered that he created a False Iggwilv simularcrum from a hair he found behind a dresser in Iuz’s palace in the City of Skulls of Dorakka. She was sent through the transporter to gather resources and to enact some other “hidden plan.” We also discovered some relevant points that included:

1. Rule of Three wanted the Lighthouse to help deal with a sibling rival, which we now know to he Iuz- son of Grazzt and Iggwilv.
2. Perhaps Zuoken is also stuck in the god-trap which recently ensnared Iuz, and formerly held the Gorilla Grodd, The Loup-Garou and others.

We spent the rest of the time sifting through our vast treasure hoard and tooling up for th enext round of dungeon delving.



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